It is time to make your enterprise IT lean

95% Waste

Do you suffer from inefficient enterprise IT ?

  • No resources left to innovate, as you manage only to maintain your current systems
  • Shadow IT is widespread: most of your processes are managed inside uncontrolled spreadsheet
  • No solution for emerging needs who need agile and cheap applications to experiment and test
  • IT department is not a credible stakeholder in the company anymore

You risk missing crucial business opportunities during the digital transition.

Open Lowcode is an open-source rapid development framework that can help you.

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Open Lowcode framework has been built with a lean mindset to solve actual enterprise IT issues

The freedom of open-source

  • Full open-source so that you will never have to worry again about this nasty license audit, and being a captive custom to an editor or cloud operator.
  • Simple and robust technical stack ensuring no obsolescence issue (java / SQL)
  • Ergonomics for real-life, to increase productivity for critical data processing task
  • Professional services for the framework to ensure your projects meet their deadlines even if they need a new feature in the framework

Original modular design

  • Low-code solution that accelerates your development time by 20 times or more. Our bricks are powerful and robust.
  • Assemble the bricks to your precise needs, not someone else opinion on how your industry processes should run
  • Enteprise grade robustness with full auditing and advanced security
  • Powerful customization features to implement the last 5% of users requirement that typically make a project succeed or fail

Open Lowcode is already proven in production, and will be fully published in open-source this year (development status).

Your Open Lowcode experience

Innovation and hackathon – new digital needs

  • Prototype your application during hacking sessions. You can get a working prototype in a few hours
  • Local tests: You can install directly the prototype on your users PC for rapid tests
  • Industrialize smoothly: Your prototype can then evolve progressively to a full industrial solution. On applications of medium complexity,
  • you can get a working application in a few days of effort

Legacy Retirement – obsolescence and cost saving

  • Customize your data-model close to your existing application
  • Implement additional business logic with the easy to use and flexible programming APIs
  • Ease the migration with powerful and flexible import tools.
  • Your legacy retirement project cost divided by 3 to 5, running costs divided by 10 to 20

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