Open Lowcode software publication status.

Open Low-code framework can help you build applications in hours rather than weeks, with an ergonomics suited to the real life, and enterprise-grade robustness. Publication of the following modules is ongoing.

  • Open Lowcode Tools early access version (0.1.2) has been released on 05/AUG/2019. It contains the following components:
    • Open Lowcode PDF: This java library on top of Apache PDFBox allows the quick creation of documents, managing advanced pagination and layout features.
    • Open Lowcode Messages: This java library is a simple, rapid and compact library to transfer structured data as text, typically over a network).
  • Open Lowcode framework (publication planned Q4 2019) is a dedicated application server quick to deploy, easy to operate, and fast to develop in

As of 14-OCT-2019, the framework is 10.8% published in open-source software.

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