The beginnings

This is the start of an adventure around low-code, an old idea that deserves to be back in fashion. As an IT professionnal, I have been developping and deploying enterprise software for the last twenty years. The overwhelming feeling has been one of waste of epic proportions. First in the lifecycle is the waste of developper time, spending most of the time just assembling things, and not providing business value. At the end, poor ergonomics and performance waste our user time. And slow performance happens even if you spend lavishly in hardware, on computers that would have run a country social security system twenty years ago. I could also mention the arbitrary price of software licences and imposed upgrades on perfectly running systems. The list appears almost botomless.

The overwhelming feeling has been one of waste of epic proportions

So, progressively, the idea that one can do better became an evidence. I started experimenting exactly 10 years ago. The key ideas came progressively. 4 years ago, I started presenting the solutions to my company colleagues and testing them on some of our business problems. The first deployments had problems, but they were quickly solved, and confirmed a key design choice: keep the solution simple enough that it is easy to correct and improve.

In the next weeks, the Open Lowcode solution will be gradually published. The solution will be fully open-source. Around the solution, a full range of professional services will be offered. Hopefully, it can mix the best of the open-source world, quality code with no lock-in, and the convenience of full services you may need. Stay tuned.

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